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A Vending machine company New Jersey sits silently outside of a store or in a business waiting for someone to come along and pop in a quarter or a dollar and push a button for their drink to come out. The machine buzzes and hums and then a soda falls into the compartment. Very convenient. Once in a while you see a soft drink company employee refilling the machine with cold sodas, but most of the time, a soft drink vending machine sits so patiently by, watching consumers pass. What is going on inside that bulky machine?

New Jersey vending machine service

Vending Machine Company New Jersey

There is a rather simple process to getting a drink out of a soda vending machine. The soda vending accepts the money and gives it a quick once over. If it is a dollar bill, rollers pull it through and it is then electronically scanned for authenticity. Coins are weighed or identified by diameter and thickness. These methods are preventative of dishonest folks using slugs, or fake coins to buy drinks. In the earlier days, it was the misfortune of many business owners to unlock the cash box and see that many of the drinks that people have purchased were purchased with items ranging from foreign money, right down to metal washers.

Vending Machine Company New Jersey

A  vending machine of today can now tell how much money you have or haven’t added to the coin slot. For something that has no brain, that certainly is smart! It even knows when you haven’t put enough money in because it refuses to allow you to make a choice or a purchase until it has what it needs. Once there is enough money to buy a soda, you press a button to make your choice.

The body of a soda vending machine is filled with long compartments that look like alleyways, filled with metal wires. There is also a compressor to ensure that the drinks dispensed are cold when they are bought. The sodas sit in their compartments until the money is added and the purchaser makes a drink selection. When you choose what you want, the soda vending machine activates a motor that pushes a metal coil that spins to push the product forward. The coil is just longer than the compartments that hold the drinks inside the machine, so that it will push the drink out of the tracks that the sodas are placed in. Gravity does its job at this point, and the soft drink falls to a closed compartment attached at the bottom of the machine. The door to the compartment opens towards the inside to protect itself from thieves reaching other items on the bottom shelf.

Once the machine has given up its bounty, the correct change is then electronically sorted and then spat out into a coin dispenser and we are all on our merry way. The soda vending machine then returns from it’s point of action, turning back into the innocent looking box that will sit outside the store front until someone else wants to put money in. Does it have ulterior motives? Perhaps, but unless we drop a quarter in we will never know, because the silent vigil of a soda vending machine is not broken until some thirsty customer comes along and takes action against it.

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