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In a world where everyone moves at a thousand miles an hour, nothing is quite as convenient as a machine that you can put money in and get something out of. Vending Machines New Jersey have been saving cashiers and consumers valuable time since the 1800’s, and soft drink vending machines perpetrated purchasing a drink a breeze in the 1920’s. Before these machines, business owners relied on the honor system: You paid your nickel and got your drink all by yourself from a cooler packed with ice. The act of putting money in a slot and getting an ice cold soft drink out of a machine was still years away.

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 Vending Machines New Jersey

The first soda vending machine dispensed soda into paper cups for consumers. When placed in a cooler, there was no compartment for money or automatic vending. In 1937, the Vendo Company of Kansas City, Mo, produced what is known as the Red Top. The Red top is a lid attached to the top of a cooler that would open once money was placed into the coin slot.

In 1967, the canned soda vending machine was introduced. With challenging price inflation, they became more costly to use for consumers, and more savvy for businessmen to have outside of their store. Held in individual slots, the sodas would wait until the proper amount of money was put into the machine; a lever attached to a gate would spring forward and the soda would fall into the compartment for the consumer to retrieve. The proper amount of change would fall into a coin dispenser attached to the side of the machine and the consumer could be on their way.

 Vending Machines New Jersey

Unfortunately and different from today’s soda vending machine, there was no way for the machines to tell whether the coins were real money or “slugs”; fake coins or washers used to fool machines and get free products.

Today, a soda vending machine is not much different from its older brethren. The basic idea is the same. The sodas are still held in a machine with a refrigerated compressor, and still wait for the consumer to insert money. However, paper money can be used to purchase sodas thanks to something called telemetry, which is digital measurement and reporting of information.

In the case of a soda vending machine, the telemetry deals with optical links. The dollar bill is scanned and tells whether or not more or less change is needed. Plastic bottles of sodas, cans, different flavors, thousands of brands and a lot of both small and large named companies use this method.

Businesses have benefited from this invention for years. Paying commission for a soda vending machine, the actual vending machine vendors are making money by placing them inside and outside of stores across the world. Once people get their drinks, business owners know it’s easy to lure consumers inside a nice, cool department store, and as any businessperson with any sense knows, getting them inside is half the battle. A soda vending machine has drawn people in doors for a hundred years and hopefully, will continue to do so.

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