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Whether you call it coke, cola, pop, soda, soda pop or soft drink the name still rings a bell in the proverbial mind of the New Jersey conscious. That name, is one of tradition and sugary success that has a long road of challenges and innovations along the way. The New Jersey Vending machines has seen first-hand the impact of these refreshing drinks and considered it a good thing. Perhaps we take some pride in knowing the fact that a majority of our soda flavors helped our history grow. Maybe it brought together families and extended families, during those ‘oh-so’ special moments in history. We know that our grandmas and grandpas sure liked the stuff and we continue to enjoy the refreshing appeal of soda pop today. So sit back, relax and have a soda because it is a fascinating topic to talk about.

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 New Jersey Vending Machines

The soda pop history can go all the way back to the source (so to say). In America (particularly the Yellowstone national park region), there are a great many of naturally bubbling springs, which come up from the earths surface. We call these sources of l carbonated water and natural mineral water sources, partially because they come from the very rocks that we call home today. Even in the encapsulating Ancient times, when soda pop was an alien term, the societies (such as the Romans for example) thought that these natural mineral sources were a healthy and almost revitalizing source of life.

New Jersey Vending Machines

They thought that going to bath houses and drinking these mineral waters would make them feel better (the invariable source of life, I guess). Naturally, there was a great amount of scientists later on who wanted to study the effects of these mineral waters. For example, Joseph Black (a Scottish physician) whose studies discovered gases present in carbonation, such as Carbon Dioxide for example. Interesting enough, the chemistry department at Glasgow is named after Joseph Black. Another important scientist to study these mineral waters was Friedrich Hoffmann who was a German physician and chemist, who also discovered some of the first information about the nervous system and German measles. Obviously, many more people researched the health benefits of this early bubbling mineral water.

The earliest known soda pops were called sherbets, which are now more known as a middle-eastern drink made with rose hips, cherries, rose, licorice and a variety of spices. These drinks came about in early times by Arabic chemists, who implemented many different spices and flavorings into them such as crushed fruits, herbs and aromatic flowers. Even in the later 13th century, soda pop started to get a name with the introduction of an English born drink called the Dandelion & Burdock, which was made from the fermentation of dandelion and burdock. This drink is similar to what we call Root Beer nowadays in the United States. Most of these ancient drinks were naturally carbonated from naturally recurring Carbon Dioxide sources, such as the mineral waters mentioned above.

The first commercially marketed soda pops that were not carbonated in the West happened during the 17th century. Most of these noncarbonated drinks were made from lemon juice, sweetened with honey. During the late 17th century, a French company by the name of Compagnie des Limonadiers had a monopoly on the sale of lemonade type soda pop. Businesses that carried these drinks offered them off the backs of the sales agents and dispensed them into cups for thirsty customers. In addition to this, during the 18th century there was much progress in terms of trying to find a process to produce chemistry-formulated carbonated water, like the water found in naturally occurring mineral sources. In the later 17th century, an Englishman named Joseph Priestley found a process to implement carbon dioxide into regular water, thus making carbonated water in the lab. His invention of carbonated water would lead to huge soda pop innovations.

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